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Eurocopter EC130

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Eurocopter EC130 is a leading manufacturer of rotorcraft, and their EC130 model is a versatile helicopter that has been designed to meet the needs of various industries.

The Eurocopter EC130 can carry a maximum external load of 2,976 pounds and when carrying an external load. The helicopter’s maximum takeoff weight is reduced to 5,512 pounds.

This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require heavy lifting capabilities. One such business that utilizes the Eurocopter EC130 is Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters.

They use this model for their tours over the Grand Canyon, providing tourists with breathtaking views and experiences they will never forget.

Another company that uses the Eurocopter EC130 is Maverick Helicopters, who operate in Las Vegas and Hawaii.

The Eurocopter EC130 has been designed with advanced technology and features automatic variable rotor speed control, which helps to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Additionally, its main rotor has been designed to reduce noise levels by seven decibels below FAA limits.This makes it an excellent option for businesses operating in areas where noise restrictions are in place.

In terms of its design, the Eurocopter EC130 features a tail rotor instead of a traditional anti-torque system. This allows for improved maneuverability and control during flight.

Furthermore, its next-generation engine provides exceptional performance while reducing fuel consumption. So what exactly is a Eurocopter? It is a brand name under which Airbus Helicopters manufactures helicopters.

The company was created in 1992 through the merger of Aerospatiale-matra SA (France) and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (Germany). Since then, they have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of helicopters.

Exploring the Key Features of the Eurocopter EC130

Fenestron Tail Rotor: The Eurocopter EC130 is equipped with a Fenestron tail rotor, which is a unique feature that sets it apart from other helicopters. This tail rotor design provides several benefits, including increased safety.

Reduced noise levels, and improved performance in challenging weather conditions. The Fenestron also has a longer lifespan compared to traditional tail rotors, which reduces maintenance costs for operators.

Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 Engine: Another advanced technology used in the EC130 is the Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 engine. This engine provides a smooth and quiet ride for passengers while delivering excellent power-to-weight ratio for the aircraft.

The Arriel 2B1 is also designed with advanced digital controls that allow pilots to monitor and adjust engine performance in real-time.

Upgrades and Modifications: Since its introduction in 1999, the EC130 has undergone several upgrades and modifications to improve its performance and safety features.

For example, the EC130 B4 model introduced in 2007 featured an upgraded avionics suite that included a digital autopilot system and enhanced situational awareness tools for pilots.

In 2012, Airbus Helicopters introduced the EC130 T2 model, which featured several improvements over previous models.

These included a more powerful engine, larger cabin windows for improved visibility, and an upgraded air conditioning system for passenger comfort.

The H130 Model: In 2014, Airbus Helicopters introduced the H130 model as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the performance of the EC130 family of helicopters.

The H130 features an even more powerful engine than previous models (the Turbomeca Arriel 2D), along with improved avionics and increased payload capacity.

Popularity Among Operators: Due to its versatility, reliability, and low operating costs, the EC130/H130 has become a popular choice among helicopter operators worldwide.

As of 2021, over 800 EC130/H130 helicopters have been delivered to customers in more than 60 countries.

The History and Evolution of the Eurocopter EC130

The Eurocopter EC130 is equipped with a powerful engine that provides full authority digital engine control, allowing for optimal performance.

This advanced technology ensures that the helicopter’s engine operates at peak efficiency, providing reliable power and speed.

At maximum takeoff weight, the EC130 can reach a top speed of 155 knots and climb at a rate of 1,500 feet per minute.

These impressive performance capabilities make the EC130 an ideal choice for a wide range of missions and applications.

Reduced Fuel Consumption and Emissions: Environmentally-Friendly Design

In addition to its high-performance capabilities, the EC130 also features an environmentally-friendly design. The helicopter’s engine is engineered to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining high levels of performance.

Thanks to its advanced technology and soundproofing measures, the EC130’s noise signature is also minimized. This makes it an excellent choice for operations in noise-sensitive areas or urban environments.

Certified for High-Altitude Environments: Versatile Applications

The EC130’s advanced engine technology has been certified for use in high-altitude environments, making it suitable for a wide range of missions and applications.

Whether flying over mountainous terrain or operating in hot climates, the EC130 delivers reliable performance under challenging conditions.

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Understanding the Performance Capabilities of the Eurocopter EC130

The hover ceiling of a helicopter refers to the maximum altitude at which it can maintain a stable hover without ascending or descending.

For operators who need to access high-altitude locations, such as mountainous regions or oil rigs, the hover ceiling is a crucial performance metric.

Fortunately, the Eurocopter EC130 excels in this area, with a hover ceiling of 11,000 feet in ground effect and 9,900 feet out of ground effect.

Ground effect occurs when a helicopter is hovering close to the ground and experiences increased lift due to the cushion of air created by its rotors.

Out of ground effect refers to when a helicopter is hovering at an altitude higher than this cushion of air and has reduced lift.

With the EC130’s impressive hover ceiling capabilities, operators can confidently access high-altitude locations with ease.

Flat Floor Design: A Popular Choice for Cargo and Passenger Transport

In addition to its impressive altitude capabilities, the Eurocopter EC130 also boasts a flat floor design that makes it an ideal choice for cargo and passenger transport.

Unlike helicopters with traditional skid landing gear that require passengers to climb up into the cabin, the EC130’s flat floor allows for easy loading and unloading.

This feature makes it particularly popular among operators who frequently transport cargo or passengers in remote areas where there may not be established infrastructure for loading and unloading.

Additionally, the flat floor design provides greater flexibility in configuring seating arrangements for different missions.

Advanced Systems: Improved Control and Reduced Noise Levels

The Eurocopter EC130 is equipped with advanced systems that improve control and reduce noise levels during flight.

One such system is its Global Positioning System (GPS), which provides precise navigation data to pilots during flight operations.

Another notable feature is its fenestron tail rotor, which provides better control over directional movement compared to traditional tail rotors.

Additionally, the fenestron design reduces noise levels during flight, making it a popular choice for operators who need to minimize noise pollution in urban or residential areas.

Ideal for VFR Operations: High Visibility and Maneuverability

According to Pete Webber, a type-rated EC130 pilot, the aircraft is ideal for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) operations due to its high visibility and maneuverability.

The large windows and unobstructed view from the cockpit provide excellent visibility for pilots during flight operations.

Additionally, the EC130’s responsive handling and maneuverability make it an ideal choice for flying in challenging environments such as mountainous regions or urban areas with complex airspace.

With its impressive performance capabilities and advanced systems, it’s no wonder that the Eurocopter EC130 is a popular choice among operators worldwide.

Performance at Max Takeoff Weight (ISA, Sea Level), Engine (ISA, Sea Level)

The Eurocopter EC130 is a popular helicopter model that is known for its exceptional performance and comfort. In this section, we will discuss the aircraft’s performance at max takeoff weight (ISA, sea level) and its engine (ISA, sea level), highlighting some of the features that make it stand out from other models.

Cabin Design for Maximum Comfort

The Eurocopter EC130 cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort for passengers during their flight. With a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 7 passengers, depending on the configuration chosen by the customer, passengers can enjoy ample legroom and headspace.

The large windows allow for an unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery outside, making it perfect for day tours with companies like Papillon and Blue Hawaiian.

Real-Time Engine Performance Information

The H130 model, previously known as the EC130, is equipped with modern and high-quality equipment to ensure a smooth and safe flight experience.

The engine multifunction display provides real-time information about the aircraft’s performance, ensuring a safe and efficient flight.

This feature allows pilots to monitor critical engine parameters such as fuel flow rate, oil pressure, and temperature.

Additionally, full authority digital engine control (FADEC) technology ensures optimal engine performance throughout all phases of flight.

Low Noise Signature

One of the most notable features of the Eurocopter EC130 is its low noise signature. The aircraft’s Fenestron tail rotor design reduces noise levels significantly compared to conventional tail rotors.

Additionally, advanced soundproofing materials are used throughout the cabin to further reduce noise levels inside.

Convenient Payment Options Onboard

Passengers on board the Eurocopter EC130 can enjoy convenient payment options through credit card readers installed in the cabin. This feature allows passengers to settle their payments during their flight easily.

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Hover Ceiling: In Ground Effect and Out of Ground Effect

One of the most notable safety features of the Eurocopter EC130 is its active vibration control system. This system works to reduce vibrations during flight.

Which not only improves passenger comfort but also increases safety by reducing pilot fatigue and minimizing wear and tear on the aircraft.

The system uses advanced technology to analyze vibration levels in real-time and adjust the rotor blades accordingly, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers.

The EC130’s flat floor design also contributes to passenger comfort by providing ample legroom and space for luggage or equipment.

This feature makes it an ideal choice for corporate or VIP transport, as well as medical evacuation missions where space is at a premium.

Advanced Avionics Systems: Enhancing Safety in Flight

In addition to its active vibration control system, the EC130 boasts an advanced avionics system that includes features such as terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS) and a global positioning system (GPS).

TAWS helps pilots avoid potential hazards by providing alerts when approaching terrain or obstacles, while GPS provides accurate navigation data that allows pilots to fly more efficiently and safely.

The helicopter’s Fenestron tail rotor also enhances safety by reducing noise levels and improving maneuverability during flight.

This innovative design replaces traditional tail rotors with a fan-like structure that encloses the blades within a duct, reducing noise levels by up to 50% compared to conventional tail rotors.

Proven Track Record: Trusting in Ecureuil Family’s Safety

As part of the Ecureuil family of helicopters, the EC130 benefits from a proven track record for safety and reliability in the aviation industry.

The family includes over 5,000 aircraft operating in more than 100 countries worldwide, making it one of the most widely used helicopter families in service today.

Many operators have praised the EC130’s performance capabilities, citing its ability to operate in high-altitude environments and extreme weather conditions.

For example, pilot Pete Webber used an EC130 to set a new world record for the highest landing of a helicopter on Mount Everest in 2005, demonstrating the aircraft’s versatility and reliability in challenging environments.

Maximum Weight with External Load

The Eurocopter EC130 B4 model boasts an increased maximum takeoff weight compared to its predecessor, allowing for greater payload capacity and range.

This improvement makes it a popular choice for various industries, including sightseeing and tourism operations, as well as search and rescue missions.

With the ability to carry more weight, the EC130 can transport heavier external loads such as equipment or supplies to remote locations.

The helicopter’s powerful engine allows it to fly at high altitudes with ease, making it ideal for mountainous areas where other aircraft may struggle.

In addition to its impressive workload capabilities, the EC130 is also known for being one of the quietest helicopters in its class.

Its low external sound level makes it an excellent option for flying over populated areas without disturbing residents or wildlife.

Spacious Cabin and Large Windows Provide Comfortable Flying Experience

Compared to other helicopter models in its class, the Eurocopter EC130 offers a spacious cabin that provides passengers with a comfortable flying experience.

The large windows allow for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape while also providing ample natural light inside the cabin.

The EC130’s design also includes several features that enhance passenger comfort during flight.

For example, air conditioning systems help regulate temperature levels inside the cabin, ensuring that passengers remain cool even on hot summer days.

Additionally, noise-cancelling headsets reduce ambient noise levels while in-flight, creating a more peaceful environment.

Similarities Between Eurocopter EC130 and AS350 Models

Airbus Helicopters produces both the Eurocopter EC130 and AS350 models which share many similarities in terms of design and performance.

Both helicopters feature a single-engine design with similar rotor systems that provide exceptional maneuverability and stability during flight.

While there are some differences between these two models – such as payload capacity and range – they are both highly regarded within their respective industries.

Companies looking for a reliable and versatile helicopter option may choose either the EC130 or AS350 depending on their specific needs.

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A Closer Look at the Interior Design and Comfort of the Eurocopter EC130

Maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring that your Eurocopter EC130 operates safely and efficiently. The aircraft’s engine control system requires specialized attention during maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Therefore, it is essential to have certified technicians with experience working on this aircraft model carry out all maintenance tasks.

Scheduled maintenance intervals for the EC130 should be strictly adhered to in order to prevent potential issues and ensure continued airworthiness.

Failure to perform regular maintenance can result in increased downtime, decreased reliability, and even safety hazards.

Proper Documentation and Record Keeping of All Maintenance and Service Performed on the EC130

Proper documentation and record-keeping are necessary for regulatory compliance and aircraft resale value.

It is important to keep track of all maintenance performed on your Eurocopter EC130, including inspections, repairs, modifications, parts replacements, as well as any discrepancies found during routine checks.

Keeping accurate records of all service performed on your helicopter will help you avoid any legal or financial issues down the line.

Additionally, having detailed records can increase the resale value of your aircraft by demonstrating its history of proper care and maintenance.

The Interior Design and Comfort of the Eurocopter EC130

The Airbus H130 (formerly known as the Eurocopter EC130) cabin has been designed with passenger comfort in mind.

The spacious cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers comfortably with ample legroom for each seat configuration.

Passengers can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to advanced vibration dampening technology incorporated into the design of the helicopter’s airframe.

The cabin also features large windows that provide panoramic views while minimizing noise levels inside.

For added convenience, passengers have easy access to their luggage through external compartments located next to the main cabin door.

In-flight entertainment equipment such as an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity ensures that passengers can enjoy their favorite music during the flight.

Case Study: Papillon and Blue Hawaiian

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters are two companies that operate Eurocopter EC130 helicopters. Both companies have praised the aircraft for its reliability, low operating costs, and passenger comfort.

In a recent interview, a representative from Papillon stated that the Eurocopter EC130 is “a great aircraft for our tours because it’s very reliable, has excellent visibility, and provides a smooth ride for our passengers.”

Similarly, Blue Hawaiian has described the EC130 as “an excellent helicopter for sightseeing tours due to its spacious cabin and large windows.”

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Fuel Capacity and Range with Standard Fuel

Eurocopter is set to introduce a new version of the EC130 helicopter, equipped with a more powerful engine – the Safran Arriel 2D.

This upgrade will significantly enhance the helicopter’s performance and fuel efficiency, making it an even more versatile and reliable option for operators.

With this new engine, the EC130 will have a maximum takeoff weight of 2,500 kg, an increase from its previous weight limit of 2,300 kg.

The Safran Arriel 2D features digital engine control technology that optimizes fuel consumption while maintaining high levels of power output.

This means that operators can expect improved range and endurance with standard fuel capacity. In fact, Eurocopter estimates that the upgraded EC130 will have a range of approximately 600 km with standard fuel.

To further improve flight safety and situational awareness, the upgraded EC130 will also feature a new avionics suite.

This includes a digital autopilot system and a glass cockpit with enhanced displays for better visibility in all weather conditions. These upgrades will allow pilots to fly with greater confidence and precision.

Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Technology: A Possible Future Upgrade

Eurocopter is currently exploring the possibility of incorporating hybrid-electric propulsion technology into the EC130 helicopter.

If successful, this innovation could significantly reduce emissions and operating costs while also improving performance.

By combining traditional combustion engines with electric motors powered by batteries or other sources of energy.

Hybrid-electric propulsion systems can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. Additionally, they produce less noise pollution than conventional engines.

While this technology is still in development stages for helicopters and requires significant investment in research and development before it can be implemented commercially on a large scale.

Eurocopter remains committed to exploring all possible avenues for improving their products’ sustainability.

Advanced Safety Features: Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B).

In addition to the new engine and avionics suite, Eurocopter is also working on integrating advanced safety features into the EC130.

These include a terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) that alerts pilots of potential obstacles in their flight path.

As well as automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) capabilities that allow for more precise tracking of aircraft location.

The TAWS system uses GPS technology to create a detailed map of the surrounding terrain, highlighting any potential hazards such as mountains, towers or buildings.

The ADS-B system uses satellite technology to broadcast information about an aircraft’s position, altitude, speed, and direction to other aircraft in the vicinity as well as ground control stations.

These safety features will enhance the helicopter’s ability to operate safely in all types of environments and weather conditions while minimizing risks associated with flying.

Mission-Specific Configurations: Aerial Firefighting, Law Enforcement, and Medical Evacuation Operations

Eurocopter is collaborating with various partners to develop new mission-specific configurations for the EC130 helicopter.

These include specialized configurations for aerial firefighting, law enforcement operations such as surveillance and search-and-rescue missions.

Medical evacuation operations where patients can be transported quickly and safely over long distances. For example, aerial firefighting helicopters are equipped with water tanks or foam systems that allow them to extinguish fires from above.

Law enforcement helicopters are fitted with cameras or other sensors that can capture high-quality imagery from a distance.

Medical evacuation helicopters have specialized medical equipment on board that allows them to transport critically ill or injured patients quickly while providing life-saving care en route.

Ongoing Support Services: Ensuring Reliability

Finally, Eurocopter is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance services for its products.

This means that operators can count on reliable service throughout the lifecycle of their EC130 helicopter. With this commitment, operators can rest assured that their aircraft will be in good hands for years to come.

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Eurocopter EC130: Applications and Uses in Various Industries

The Eurocopter EC130 is a versatile helicopter that offers a maximum speed of 155 knots or 178 mph. This impressive speed makes it an ideal choice for various industries, including tourism and emergency medical services.

For instance, in the tourism industry, the helicopter’s speed allows tourists to cover more ground in less time, providing them with an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the high speed of the Eurocopter EC130 is also beneficial in emergency medical services. The helicopter can quickly transport patients to hospitals, saving precious time that can be life-saving.

Additionally, the high-speed capability of the helicopter enables it to reach remote locations faster than other modes of transportation.

Its Maximum Range is 350 Nautical Miles or 402 Miles

In addition to its impressive speed capabilities, the Eurocopter EC130 also has a maximum range of 350 nautical miles or 402 miles. This range makes it ideal for industries such as oil and gas exploration and law enforcement.

For example, in oil and gas exploration, companies need helicopters that can fly long distances to reach offshore drilling rigs.

The Eurocopter EC130’s maximum range makes it possible for these companies to transport personnel and equipment efficiently.

Similarly, law enforcement agencies require helicopters capable of conducting surveillance operations over vast areas. The Eurocopter EC130’s long-range capabilities make it an excellent option for these types of missions.

The Helicopter Can Climb at a Rate of 1,500 Feet per Minute

Apart from its impressive speed and range capabilities, the Eurocopter EC130 can climb at a rate of 1,500 feet per minute. This feature makes it an excellent choice for aerial photography and surveying applications.

For instance, in aerial photography applications such as filming movies or commercials from above requires helicopters that can climb quickly while carrying heavy camera equipment.

The Eurocopter EC130’s ability to climb at a rate of 1,500 feet per minute makes it possible for filmmakers to capture stunning aerial footage.

Similarly, surveying applications require helicopters that can climb quickly while carrying equipment such as LiDAR sensors. The Eurocopter EC130’s climbing capabilities make it an ideal choice for these types of missions.

The Eurocopter EC130 Has a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 2,500 kg or 5,512 lbs

Another impressive feature of the Eurocopter EC130 is its maximum takeoff weight of 2,500 kg or 5,512 lbs. This feature makes it possible for the helicopter to carry up to seven passengers and one pilot comfortably.

For instance, in industries such as tourism and executive transportation, clients expect comfortable and luxurious travel experiences.

The Eurocopter EC130’s maximum takeoff weight allows operators to install comfortable seating arrangements and other amenities that enhance the passenger experience.

Moreover, in emergency medical services applications where patients need specialized medical equipment during transport, the helicopter’s maximum takeoff weight provides enough space for this equipment.

The Helicopter’s Advanced Avionics System Provides Pilots with Real-Time Information for Enhanced Situational Awareness

Finally, the Eurocopter EC130 has an advanced avionics system that provides pilots with real-time information for enhanced situational awareness.

This feature is beneficial in various industries such as law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

For example, in law enforcement operations where pilots need to navigate through complex airspace while tracking suspects on the ground simultaneously.

The helicopter’s advanced avionics system provides pilots with real-time data that enhances their situational awareness.

Similarly, in search and rescue operations where time is critical; pilots need accurate information about weather conditions and terrain features.

The advanced avionics system on the Eurocopter EC130 helps provide this vital information quickly and efficiently.

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Safety Features and Innovations in the Eurocopter EC130

The Eurocopter EC130 has an active vibration control system that sets it apart from other helicopters in its class. This system uses advanced technology to reduce vibrations and improve passenger comfort during flight.

The active vibration control system works by using sensors to detect vibrations in the helicopter and then adjusting the rotor blades to counteract them.

This results in a smoother ride for passengers and reduces pilot fatigue, which can lead to safer flights.

The active vibration control system is just one of many safety features that make the Eurocopter EC130 a reliable choice for commercial and private use.

In fact, this helicopter is part of the Ecureuil family, which has a reputation for being safe and dependable.

The Ecureuil family includes several other popular models such as the AS350 and AS355, which have been used for various purposes including law enforcement, search and rescue operations, and tourism.

Finding Your Perfect Eurocopter EC130: A Matter of Budget

If you’re interested in purchasing a Eurocopter EC130, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. One of these factors is your budget.

As mentioned earlier, prices for this model can range from $1.5 million to $4 million depending on age, condition, and equipment included with the aircraft.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a Eurocopter EC130 is finding a reputable dealer or broker who can help you navigate the buying process.

Working with an experienced professional can ensure that you find an aircraft that meets your needs while also ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly.

Comparing the Eurocopter EC130 with Other Helicopter Models

The Eurocopter EC130 is a helicopter model that has been used for various purposes, such as tourism, emergency medical services, and law enforcement.

One of the main features that make the EC130 stand out from other models is its spacious cabin. With room for up to seven passengers.

This helicopter offers a comfortable flying experience for everyone on board. Moreover, the EC130 also boasts excellent visibility thanks to its large windows and low instrument panel.

This feature allows pilots to have an unobstructed view of their surroundings, making it easier to navigate through challenging terrain or during adverse weather conditions.

Advanced Technology for High Performance and Efficiency

Another factor that sets the Eurocopter EC130 apart from other helicopter models is its advanced technology.

The Fenestron tail rotor is one example of this innovation – it provides increased safety by reducing noise emissions and improving flight stability.

Additionally, the Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 engine delivers high performance with low fuel consumption rates.

This combination of advanced technology ensures that operators get the most out of each flight while minimizing operational costs.

Proven Track Record of Safety

Safety is always a top priority and the Eurocopter EC130 has a proven track record in this regard. The model has low accident rates compared to other helicopters in its class due to its crashworthiness design features.

Moreover, the EC130’s reputation for safety has made it a popular choice among operators in various industries worldwide.

For example, in Australia alone, over 80% of all tourism helicopter flights are operated using an EC130 due to its reliability and safety features.

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Maintenance and Service Considerations for the Eurocopter EC130

The engine is the heart of any helicopter, and proper maintenance is essential to ensure its reliable operation.

The Eurocopter EC130 features a Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 engine, which requires regular inspections, servicing, and replacement of parts as necessary.

Failure to maintain the engine can lead to a reduction in performance or even a catastrophic failure.

To maintain optimal engine performance, it is essential to carry out regular checks on the oil level, fuel system, filters, and other components.

Furthermore, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding scheduled maintenance tasks such as cleaning and inspection of the compressor blades.

In addition to scheduled maintenance tasks, it is also important to monitor the engine’s performance during flight. Any changes in fuel consumption or temperature should be investigated immediately by a qualified technician.

Construction Industry Applications

The Eurocopter EC130 has proven to be an invaluable asset in the construction industry due to its versatility and lifting capacity.

The helicopter can transport personnel and equipment quickly and efficiently across difficult terrain or between remote locations.

Aerial surveying is one area where the EC130 excels due to its ability to fly at low altitudes while maintaining stability. This makes it ideal for capturing high-resolution images of construction sites for planning purposes.

Heavy lifting operations are another area where the EC130 shines due to its lifting capacity of up to 1.4 tons with external load operations. It can transport large building materials such as steel beams or prefabricated sections with ease.

Oil and Gas Industry Applications

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on helicopters for offshore transportation of personnel and equipment, pipeline inspection, emergency response services (ERS), search-and-rescue (SAR) missions among others.

In this regard ,the Eurocopter EC130 has proven itself as a dependable workhorse that can operate in harsh environments reliably.

The EC130 is equipped with advanced avionics and navigation systems that enable it to fly safely in low visibility conditions. This makes it ideal for offshore operations where weather conditions can be unpredictable.

Pipeline inspection is another area where the EC130 excels due to its ability to fly at low altitudes while maintaining stability. It can detect leaks or other defects quickly, allowing maintenance crews to respond promptly.

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Future Developments and Upgrades for the Eurocopter EC130

With a standard fuel capacity of 396 liters, the Eurocopter EC130 has an impressive range of approximately 610 kilometers. This makes it an ideal choice for short to medium-range flights.

Such as those commonly made by emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies. However, it is important to note that cargo capacity can affect fuel consumption and range.

Cargo Capacity and Fuel Consumption

The EC130 boasts a cargo capacity of 1,587 pounds, which can significantly impact its fuel consumption rate. The weight of the payload will determine how much fuel is needed to keep the helicopter airborne.

As such, pilots must carefully calculate their fuel needs before each flight to ensure they have enough to reach their destination safely.

Digital Engine Control System

One feature that sets the EC130 apart from other helicopters in its class is its digital engine control system. This advanced technology optimizes fuel efficiency and performance by regulating key engine parameters in real-time.

The result is a smoother flight experience with reduced emissions and lower operating costs.

Real-Time Monitoring of Fuel Levels

Pilots flying the EC130 have access to real-time monitoring of fuel levels and consumption through the helicopter’s digital cockpit display.

This allows them to make informed decisions about when and where to refuel during long flights or when carrying heavy payloads.

Fuel Consumption Rate Factors

It’s important to note that several factors can affect the EC130’s fuel consumption rate beyond cargo weight alone.

Altitude, temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, and even pilot technique can all play a role in determining how much fuel is used during flight.

Pilots must be trained on how these factors affect their aircraft’s performance so they can adjust their flying accordingly.

Availability and Listings of EUROCOPTER EC130 Aircraft for Sale

The Eurocopter EC130 is an aircraft that has been widely used for various missions, thanks to its versatility and advanced features. In this section, we will discuss the availability and listings of EUROCOPTER EC130 aircraft for sale.

Two Models of Eurocopter EC130: B4 and T2

The Eurocopter EC130 comes in two models: the EC130 B4 and the EC130 T2. Both models are equipped with advanced avionics and safety features, making them a popular choice among pilots.

These models have spacious cabins that offer excellent visibility to pilots, allowing them to fly at high altitudes and in challenging weather conditions.

Reliable Aircraft for Different Missions

The Eurocopter EC130 is a reliable aircraft that can be used for various missions. It has impressive range and endurance, making it an efficient option for tourism and sightseeing activities.

Additionally, this aircraft is suitable for emergency medical services due to its ability to access remote locations quickly. Law enforcement agencies also use the Eurocopter EC130 because of its speed and agility.

Eurocopter EC130 Price New

If you’re interested in purchasing a new Eurocopter EC130, you should expect to pay anywhere from $3 million to $5 million depending on the model you choose. The price may vary based on additional customization options or upgrades that you choose.

Eurocopter EC130 Price Used

If you’re looking for a used Eurocopter EC130, you can expect prices ranging from $1 million to $3 million depending on factors such as age, condition, hours flown, maintenance history, etc. You can find used Eurocopters listed on various websites such as or

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1. What are the key features and specifications of the EC130?

The Eurocopter EC130 is a versatile and high-performance helicopter known for its exceptional visibility and spacious cabin design. Some key features and specifications of the EC130 include: Seating Capacity: It can accommodate a pilot and up to six passengers, depending on the configuration.

2. How many passengers can the EC130 accommodate?

The Eurocopter EC130 can accommodate a pilot and up to six passengers, depending on the seating configuration chosen. The spacious cabin design ensures ample legroom and comfort for passengers during the flight.

3. What is the maximum range and cruising speed of the EC130?

The EC130 has a maximum range of approximately 400 nautical miles (741 kilometers). This allows for efficient transportation over medium distances without the need for refueling.

4. What industries or applications commonly use the EC130?

The Eurocopter EC130 is widely used in various industries and applications, including: Tourism and Sightseeing: Its excellent visibility, spacious cabin, and quiet operation make it popular for scenic tours and aerial sightseeing.

5. How does the EC130 compare to other Eurocopter helicopter models?

While the Eurocopter EC130 shares some similarities with other models, it also has distinct features that set it apart. A direct comparison would depend on the specific models being compared.


In conclusion, the Eurocopter EC130 is a remarkable helicopter with impressive features and capabilities. From its exceptional performance to its luxurious interior design, this aircraft has proven to be a reliable and versatile machine for various industries.

The history and evolution of the Eurocopter EC130 have demonstrated the manufacturer’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The safety features and innovations incorporated into the aircraft have made it one of the safest helicopters in its class.

The Eurocopter EC130’s performance capabilities are outstanding, with an impressive hover ceiling both in-ground effect and out-of-ground effect.

Its maximum weight with external load is also noteworthy, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

The fuel capacity and range of the Eurocopter EC130 are commendable, enabling it to cover long distances without refueling.

This feature makes it suitable for search-and-rescue missions, offshore oil rig support, and other aerial work applications.

The interior design of the Eurocopter EC130 is luxurious and comfortable, providing passengers with a relaxing flight experience.

The spacious cabin allows for easy movement during flights while providing ample space for luggage storage.

The aircraft has found numerous applications in various industries such as tourism, emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement agencies, military operations, among others.

Its versatility makes it an asset to any organization that requires aerial transportation services.

Comparing the Eurocopter EC130 with other helicopter models shows that this aircraft stands out due to its superior performance capabilities and innovative features.

Maintenance and service considerations are essential when owning an aircraft like this one; thus, proper maintenance schedules must be followed to ensure optimal performance.

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