Eurocopter EC135 | 15 Best Reasons To Love This Helicopter

Eurocopter EC135

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Eurocopter EC135 helicopter is a versatile aircraft that has been in service for over two decades. This helicopter is a favorite among operators worldwide, with more than 1,300 helicopters delivered to date. The first EC135 was introduced in the mid-1990s and quickly gained popularity due to its spacious cabin and high payload capacity.

The Eurocopter EC135 can perform various missions, including emergency medical services, law enforcement, corporate transport, and offshore operations.

Its advanced avionics and autopilot systems enable it to operate in all weather conditions, day or night, enhancing its capabilities for search and rescue, surveillance, and law enforcement operations.

One of the unique features of the Eurocopter EC135 is its shrouded tail rotor design. Unlike conventional tail rotors that are exposed and vulnerable to damage from debris or ground objects, the EC135’s tail rotor is enclosed within a ducted fan assembly.

This design reduces noise emissions while increasing safety during ground operations. The Eurocopter EC135’s low noise emissions and small footprint make it suitable for urban operations such as VIP transport, aerial filming, and power line inspection.

The helicopter’s high speed and range allow it to cover long distances quickly, making it a popular choice for offshore oil and gas operations as well as corporate transport.

EC155 Eurocopter is another variant of this helicopter that has a larger cabin size with an increased payload capacity compared to the EC135. However, both models share many similarities in terms of performance characteristics.

Regarding pricing information about the Eurocopter EC135 helicopter model; prices vary depending on configuration options selected by customers when purchasing new helicopters. Therefore there isn’t an exact price listed on their website or other official sources.

Eurocopter EC135

Specifications and cabin dimensions of the Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is equipped with an advanced avionics suite that enhances the aircraft’s safety and reduces pilot workload. The digital autopilot system, for instance, provides exceptional stability and precision, allowing pilots to focus on other tasks during flight.

This feature is particularly useful in poor weather conditions or when flying in challenging terrain. Moreover, the cockpit of the EC135 boasts a state-of-the-art glass cockpit display that provides real-time information about the aircraft’s position, altitude, airspeed, and other critical data.

The display also shows weather information and navigation aids such as GPS waypoints and VORs. With this technology at their fingertips, pilots can make informed decisions quickly and safely.

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

In addition to its advanced autopilot system and glass cockpit display, the EC135 has a Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) that alerts pilots to potential collisions with other aircraft in the vicinity.

This feature uses radar technology to detect nearby planes and helicopters and displays their positions on the cockpit display. If there is a risk of collision, the TCAS issues audible warnings to alert pilots to take evasive action.

This technology has proven highly effective in preventing mid-air collisions between aircraft. In fact, according to a study by NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), TCAS has prevented over 2,000 potential mid-air collisions since its introduction in 1981.

Integrated In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) System

Passengers aboard the Eurocopter EC135 can enjoy an integrated In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system that provides audio and video entertainment options during flight. The IFE system includes high-quality speakers mounted throughout the cabin as well as individual screens for each passenger.

This feature is especially useful for longer flights or when transporting VIP passengers who require additional comfort during travel. Moreover, having an IFE system onboard can help reduce passenger anxiety and make the flight experience more enjoyable overall.

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Multimission capabilities of the Eurocopter EC135

The EC135 T3 is a highly versatile rotorcraft that boasts of exceptional performance capabilities. One of the key features that make this helicopter stand out is its two high-performance engines, which are specifically designed for rotorcraft applications.

The Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 Plus engines provide the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency, making them ideal for a wide range of missions. The H135’s engines have an impressive power-to-weight ratio, which means they can deliver more power while consuming less fuel.

This translates to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making the EC135 one of the most environmentally friendly helicopters in its class. Additionally, the engines are equipped with advanced electronic control systems that ensure optimal engine performance at all times.

Bearingless Main Rotor Design for Smoother Operation

Another key feature of the EC135 is its bearingless main rotor design, which provides several benefits over traditional rotorcraft designs. With no bearings to wear out or require maintenance, the main rotor system is inherently more reliable and requires less maintenance over time.

Additionally, this design allows for smoother operation and reduced vibration levels throughout the entire helicopter.

The air intakes on the EC135’s engines are strategically placed to ensure maximum airflow and prevent engine inoperative situations. This means that even in challenging environments or during demanding missions, pilots can rely on their helicopter’s engines to perform reliably and consistently.

Efficient Rotor Blades for Reliable Performance

The rotor blades on the EC135 are specially designed to work in tandem with the helicopter’s engines, resulting in a highly efficient and reliable rotorcraft. These blades are made from advanced composite materials that offer superior strength-to-weight ratios compared to traditional metal blades.

This not only improves overall performance but also reduces maintenance requirements over time. In addition to their structural advantages, these blades also feature advanced aerodynamic profiles that further improve overall efficiency and lift capabilities.

This means that the EC135 can carry more payload, fly faster, and operate in a wider range of conditions than many other helicopters in its class.

How Fast is a Eurocopter EC135?

The maximum cruise speed of the EC135 is around 155 knots (178 mph), while its maximum range is approximately 395 nautical miles (455 miles).

These impressive performance figures make the EC135 an ideal choice for a wide range of missions, including emergency medical services, law enforcement, search and rescue operations, and corporate transport.

Eurocopter EC135

Country and Location where Eurocopter EC135 was built?

The Eurocopter EC135, now known as the Airbus H135, is a twin-engine civil helicopter that was developed and produced by Eurocopter, which is now a part of Airbus Helicopters. The Eurocopter EC135 was built in several locations.

The primary manufacturing facility for the EC135 was in Donauwörth, Germany. Additionally, production of the EC135 was also carried out in other Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters facilities in countries such as France and Spain.

Starting up and taking off in the Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is an advanced helicopter that has been designed with safety as a top priority. One of the key features of this aircraft is its crash-resistant fuel system, which reduces the risk of post-crash fires.

This system uses special materials and design techniques to prevent fuel from igniting in the event of an impact. In addition, the fuel tanks are located in areas that are less likely to be damaged during a crash, further reducing the risk of fire.

High-Strength Airframe

Another important feature of the EC135 is its high-strength airframe made of composite materials. This material is known for its ability to withstand impact and reduce the risk of injury to passengers and crew.

The use of composites also allows for a lighter weight airframe, which contributes to better performance and increased safety margins.

Advanced Avionics and Flight Control Systems

The EC135 is equipped with advanced avionics and flight control systems that enhance safety by providing real-time information to pilots and allowing for precise control of the aircraft.

These systems include electronic flight instruments, navigation equipment, communication systems, autopilot, and more. By providing accurate data on speed, altitude, heading, and other critical parameters, these systems help pilots make informed decisions quickly.

Redundant Systems

To ensure maximum safety in all conditions, the EC135 has redundant systems for critical components such as engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems.

This means that if one system fails during flight or on the ground there is another backup system ready to take over immediately.

This redundancy ensures that even if something goes wrong with one part of the aircraft it can still continue operating safely.

Spacious Cabin

The EC135 has a spacious cabin with large windows that provide excellent visibility for pilots and passengers. This design reduces the risk of collisions with other aircraft or obstacles by enabling pilots to see potential hazards from far away.

The cabin is also designed for maximum comfort and convenience, with ergonomic seats, climate control, and other amenities.

Certified for Single-Pilot Operation

The EC135 is certified for single-pilot operation, which means that it can be flown by just one pilot. However, it also has a dual-pilot option that enhances safety by allowing for better workload sharing and decision-making in complex situations.

This feature is especially important in emergency situations where quick thinking and teamwork are critical to the safe outcome of the flight.

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Eurocopter EC135

The advanced avionics suite of the Eurocopter EC135

Maintenance costs for the Eurocopter EC135 can vary depending on the type of maintenance required. Routine maintenance for the EC135 can cost between $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

This includes tasks such as inspections, oil changes, and component replacements. However, major inspections and overhauls can cost upwards of $500,000 or more.

The cost of maintenance can also be affected by the age and condition of the aircraft. Older aircraft may require more frequent and extensive maintenance due to wear and tear on components.

In addition, if an aircraft has been poorly maintained in the past, it may require additional work to bring it up to a safe and reliable standard. Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of the Eurocopter EC135.

The advanced avionics suite of this aircraft includes a state-of-the-art cockpit with intuitive controls that allow pilots to easily monitor flight systems and make adjustments as needed. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, making it ideal for both business travel and medical transport.

Eurocopter EC135

The high-performance engines of the Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is a versatile rotorcraft that has been used in various industries, including medical, law enforcement, corporate transport, offshore oil and gas operations, firefighting services, and military training.

The spacious cabin of the EC135 makes it ideal for air ambulance services as it can accommodate medical equipment and personnel with ease. Additionally, its ability to land in tight spaces makes it an excellent choice for emergency situations where time is of the essence.

Surveillance, Search and Rescue: A Reliable Choice for Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies use the EC135 for surveillance, search and rescue missions as well as transportation of personnel. With its powerful engines and advanced avionics systems.

The helicopter can easily navigate through challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, its speed and agility make it an excellent choice for tactical operations.

Corporate Transport: Comfortable Seating and Luxurious Amenities

The EC135 is also a popular choice for corporate transport due to its comfortable seating arrangements and luxurious amenities. Business executives can travel in style while enjoying the convenience of a private helicopter service.

Moreover, the helicopter’s advanced safety features ensure that passengers reach their destination safely.

Offshore Oil & Gas Operations: Reliable Performance in Harsh Weather Conditions

Offshore oil and gas operations require reliable aircraft that can operate in harsh weather conditions. The EC135’s powerful engines are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while providing optimal performance. Its exceptional maneuverability also allows pilots to navigate through challenging environments with ease.

Aerial Firefighting Operations: Agility and Maneuverability

Firefighting services use the EC135 for aerial firefighting operations due to its agility and maneuverability. The helicopter’s powerful engines enable it to carry large water tanks while flying at high altitudes. Additionally, its ability to hover over a fire enables firefighters to drop water precisely where needed.

Military Training Purposes: Pilot Training, Tactical Operations, and Reconnaissance Missions

The EC135 is also used for military training purposes, including pilot training, tactical operations, and reconnaissance missions. The helicopter’s advanced avionics systems and powerful engines make it an excellent choice for military applications.

Additionally, its bearingless main rotor and air intakes provide optimal performance even in engine inoperative situations.

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Eurocopter EC135

The safety features of the Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is equipped with a digital autopilot system, which enhances safety and efficiency during flights. The system allows pilots to focus on other critical tasks while the helicopter maintains a stable flight path.

The autopilot system reduces pilot workload, leading to fewer errors and increased safety.

Additionally, the system has built-in safety features that prevent the helicopter from exceeding its operational limits. For example, if the helicopter is flying too fast or too slow, the autopilot will adjust the speed to ensure it stays within safe parameters.

Glass Cockpit

Another advanced technology feature of the Eurocopter EC135 is its glass cockpit. The cockpit’s design provides pilots with an intuitive interface that displays all necessary information in one place.

The glass cockpit also improves situational awareness by providing real-time weather updates and terrain data. This information helps pilots make informed decisions during flights and avoid potential hazards.

Versatility and Reliability

The Eurocopter EC135’s versatility and reliability have made it a popular choice among operators worldwide. The helicopter has been adapted for various uses, including emergency medical services, law enforcement, and corporate transport.

Its ability to perform multiple functions makes it an attractive option for operators who need a versatile aircraft capable of handling different missions. In terms of reliability, the Eurocopter EC135 has undergone continuous improvement since its introduction in 1996.

Its robust design ensures that critical systems remain operational even in adverse conditions. Additionally, regular maintenance checks help identify potential issues before they become problems.

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Maintenance requirements and costs of the Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is a versatile helicopter that is known for its impressive range. With a maximum range of 635 nautical miles, this helicopter can travel long distances without needing to refuel. This makes it an ideal choice for emergency rescue missions and other applications where time is of the essence.

Flight Time and Maintenance Requirements

Like all aircraft, the Eurocopter EC135 requires regular maintenance to ensure that it stays in top condition. The number of hours of flight time that the helicopter can handle before requiring maintenance varies depending on a number of factors. These include the age and condition of the aircraft, as well as how it has been used.

On average, however, the Eurocopter EC135 requires maintenance after around 300-400 hours of flight time. This typically involves checking and replacing various components such as filters, belts, and hoses. Depending on the extent of the maintenance required, costs can vary significantly.

Role in Emergency Rescue Missions

One area where the Eurocopter EC135 really shines is in emergency rescue missions. Thanks to its speed and agility, this helicopter is ideally suited for quickly responding to emergencies and transporting patients to medical facilities.

In fact, many air ambulance services around the world rely on the Eurocopter EC135 due to its superior performance in these types of situations. Its spacious interior also allows for medical personnel to provide essential care while en route to hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

Current Operators and Costs

The Eurocopter EC135 is currently operated by a wide range of organizations around the world. These include air ambulance services, law enforcement agencies, military branches, and private companies.

As for costs associated with purchasing an EC135 helicopter outright: according to Airbus Helicopters (the current manufacturer), prices start at approximately $4 million USD (as per their website).

However additional customization options may add significant cost increases above that base price. Additionally, costs associated with maintenance and operation can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

Eurocopter EC135

Applications and industries that use the Eurocopter EC135

Eurocopter EC135 is a popular choice for emergency medical services (EMS) due to its spacious cabin and advanced avionics. It provides ample room for medical personnel, patients, and equipment.

The helicopter can quickly transport patients from remote or inaccessible locations to hospitals with ease. The helicopter’s high endurance and fast cruising speed make it an ideal platform for air ambulance operations.

Law Enforcement

The EC135 is also widely used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Its advanced navigation systems, including weather radar, digital autopilot, and state-of-the-art communication systems.

Provide law enforcement officers with the tools they need to conduct aerial surveillance and reconnaissance missions effectively. The helicopter’s twin-engine design ensures that it can continue flying even if one engine fails – a crucial safety feature in law enforcement operations.

Corporate Transportation

The Eurocopter EC135 is also an excellent option for corporate transportation due to its spacious cabin and luxurious amenities. It provides a comfortable ride for executives and VIPs traveling between cities or countries. The helicopter’s advanced avionics ensure a smooth ride even in adverse weather conditions.

Proven Reliability

With over 1,300 units delivered worldwide, the Eurocopter EC135 has established itself as a reliable workhorse in various industries. It has an average dispatch reliability rate of over 99%, making it one of the most dependable helicopters in its class.

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Why the Eurocopter EC135 is a versatile and reliable helicopter option

Airbus Helicopters has delivered over 1,300 EC135s to various operators worldwide. The EC135 is a popular choice for government and military operators due to its versatility and reliability.

It is no surprise that national police forces in countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom use the EC135 for law enforcement and surveillance missions.

The EC135’s advanced avionics and technology make it a top choice for government and military operators seeking a modern and efficient helicopter.

With its high endurance, low noise signature, and excellent maneuverability, the EC135 can perform a wide range of missions with ease. Its compact size allows it to operate in confined spaces such as urban areas or mountainous terrain.

The EC135 is also used by the military for training purposes including medical evacuation and search and rescue operations.

Its ability to carry up to seven passengers makes it ideal for these types of missions. Additionally, its state-of-the-art autopilot system provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness during complex flight scenarios.

In addition to national operators, the EC135 is also used by international organizations such as the United Nations for humanitarian missions. Its reliability and versatility make it an ideal platform for delivering aid supplies or transporting personnel in remote locations.

Eurocopter EC135

Constant Improvement and New Uses of Eurocopter EC135

Piloting a Eurocopter EC135 requires extensive training to operate the aircraft safely. The helicopter’s advanced avionics and navigation systems, including GPS and autopilot, allow for precise control and steady flight, but only when operated by a skilled pilot.

Before takeoff, the pilot must perform a thorough pre-flight check of the Eurocopter EC135’s systems and controls to ensure safe operation. The instrument flight rules (IFR) capability of the Eurocopter EC135 allows pilots to navigate and fly in adverse weather conditions.

This feature is critical for emergency medical services (EMS) operations, where time is of the essence. In these situations, pilots must be able to fly in all weather conditions while maintaining safety standards.

Maximum Flight Time and Navigation Systems

With a maximum flight time of approximately 3.5 hours or 450 nautical miles, the Eurocopter EC135 is an ideal choice for short- to medium-range flights. Its advanced navigation systems make it easy to navigate through complex airspace environments with ease.

One notable aspect of the Eurocopter EC135 is its versatility in terms of its uses. It can be used for corporate transportation, EMS operations, law enforcement missions, search and rescue operations, offshore oil rig support operations, among others.

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Government and Military Operators of Eurocopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is a popular helicopter model that belongs to the Eurocopter EC family. One of the unique features of this helicopter is its shrouded tail rotor, which reduces noise and improves safety compared to traditional tail rotors.

The shrouded tail rotor also makes it possible for the EC135 to operate in confined spaces, such as urban areas or mountainous regions. The shrouded tail rotor design was first introduced by Eurocopter in 1995 with the introduction of the EC120 Colibri.

This innovative design has since been incorporated into other models, including the EC135. The shroud around the tail rotor blades not only reduces noise but also protects ground personnel from accidental contact with the rotating blades.

With its reduced noise level, the EC135 is an ideal helicopter for various purposes, including medical transport, law enforcement, and corporate transportation.

For example, it can be used for emergency medical services (EMS) transport without disturbing patients or nearby residents. Additionally, its low noise level makes it suitable for surveillance operations where stealth is necessary.

High Degree of Maneuverability

Another unique feature of the Eurocopter EC135 is its main rotor with a high degree of maneuverability. This makes it a versatile heli for different types of missions. The main rotor system allows for precise control over pitch and roll movements, making it possible to fly in tight spaces or perform complex maneuvers.

The high degree of maneuverability also makes it possible to land on unprepared surfaces such as grassy fields or unpaved roads. This capability is especially useful in search-and-rescue operations where helicopters need to land close to victims who are stranded in remote locations.

Government and Military Operators

Airbus Helicopters (formerly known as Eurocopter) has delivered thousands of EC135s worldwide since its introduction in 1996. Many of these helicopters are used by government and military operators for various purposes, including transport, surveillance, and search-and-rescue operations.

For example, the National Police in Spain operates a fleet of EC135s for law enforcement purposes.

These helicopters are equipped with advanced avionics systems and mission-specific equipment such as video cameras and infrared sensors. They are also used for aerial patrols to detect illegal activities such as drug trafficking or smuggling.

Exceptional Safety Features of Eurocopter EC135

Crash-resistant fuel system and energy-absorbing seats are some of the advanced safety features that make the Eurocopter EC135 stand out from other helicopters in its class. The helicopter has a highly reliable twin-engine design, which provides increased safety margins and redundancy for critical missions.

The spacious cabin of the EC135 is designed with passenger comfort in mind, providing excellent visibility to both passengers and crew. The helicopter’s advanced avionics systems, including a digital autopilot and weather radar, make it easy to fly in all conditions.

These features have made the EC135 a top choice for emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement agencies, corporate transport, and other operations that require exceptional performance.

With over 1,300 units produced since its introduction in 1996, the Eurocopter EC135 has proven to be a reliable workhorse for operators around the world. Its versatility allows it to perform various roles such as EMS transport, police surveillance and rescue missions.

Maintenance and Serviceability

The Eurocopter EC135 is designed with maintainability in mind. It has an airframe that is easy to access for maintenance tasks such as inspections or repairs. This makes servicing less time-consuming and more cost-effective for operators.

Operators can also benefit from extensive service offerings provided by Airbus Helicopters’ global support network. This includes technical assistance centers located worldwide that provide comprehensive support services such as upgrades or modifications to existing fleets.

In addition to these services, Airbus offers a range of training programs designed specifically for pilots who operate the EC135 helicopter. These programs cover everything from basic flight training to advanced mission-specific scenarios.

Performance Capabilities

The Eurocopter EC135 has impressive performance capabilities that allow it to meet demanding mission requirements with ease. Its maximum cruise speed is 259 km/h (160 mph), while its range is up to 635 km (395 miles).

The helicopter’s advanced avionics system, including a digital autopilot and weather radar, make it easy to fly in all conditions. The EC135’s twin-engine design provides redundancy and increased safety margins, making it an ideal choice for critical missions.

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Eurocopter EC135


1. What are the main features and specifications of the Eurocopter EC135?

The Eurocopter EC135 is a light twin-engine helicopter known for its versatility and reliability. It has a length of approximately 12.16 meters (39.88 feet) and a rotor diameter of about 10.20 meters (33.46 feet).

2. How many passengers can the Eurocopter EC135 accommodate?

The Eurocopter EC135 can typically accommodate a pilot and up to six passengers, depending on the configuration and interior setup. However, the seating capacity may vary based on the specific requirements of the operator or the mission.

3. What is the maximum range and cruising speed of the Eurocopter EC135?

The Eurocopter EC135 has a maximum range of approximately 635 kilometers (395 miles) when equipped with standard fuel tanks. However, it’s important to note that the range can vary depending on factors such as payload, altitude, temperature, and wind conditions.

4. What industries commonly utilize the Eurocopter EC135?

The Eurocopter EC135 is a popular choice among various industries and organizations. Some of the common sectors that utilize the EC135 include:Emergency Medical Services (EMS): The EC135 is widely used for medical evacuation and air ambulance services due to its ability to swiftly transport patients to healthcare facilities.

5. What safety features does the Eurocopter EC135 have?

The Eurocopter EC135 incorporates various safety features to ensure a high level of operational security. Some of the key safety features include:Crash-resistant fuel system: The helicopter is equipped with a crash-resistant fuel tank, designed to minimize the risk of post-crash fire.

Eurocopter EC135

Conclusion 💭

Eurocopter EC135 is a top choice for helicopter operations because of its versatility, reliability, and safety features. With its advanced avionics suite, high-performance engines, and spacious cabin dimensions, the EC135 can perform various missions across different industries.

The EC135 has proven itself time and again as a reliable aircraft for emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement, search and rescue operations, offshore oil and gas transport, corporate transport, and military operations.

Its multimission capabilities make it an ideal choice for operators who need an aircraft that can adapt to different mission requirements. Starting up and taking off in the Eurocopter EC135 is easy thanks to its intuitive controls and advanced fly-by-wire technology.

The pilot can quickly get the aircraft off the ground with minimal effort while maintaining precise control over its movements. The safety features of the Eurocopter EC135 are also noteworthy. It has redundant systems that ensure continued operation even if one system fails.

The aircraft’s rotor blades are designed to withstand bird strikes or other collisions without compromising flight safety. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with energy-absorbing seats that protect passengers in case of an impact.

Maintenance requirements and costs of the Eurocopter EC135 are reasonable compared to other helicopters in its class. Routine maintenance tasks can be performed easily by trained technicians using standard tools and equipment.

Government agencies around the world trust the Eurocopter EC135 for their critical missions due to its reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Military operators use it for reconnaissance missions, troop transport, and special operations due to its agility, speed, and low acoustic signature.

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